Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




William Wren

FAMILY SCHOOL TRUTH NOTE: For the protection of other former students, last names were removed from the testimonial by the site administrators.

Years attended : 2003-2005

Attending the Family Foundation School in the beginning everyone played the role that nothing was wrong, a happy environment with love and support.

A couple weeks later I saw the real side of the staff. Along with eating dinner facing the corner with out my shoes, countless verbal abuse from Mike Losicco and his wife Roxy, I have seen kids on "work sanction" ages 13-18 doing heavy labor in 80 90 degree weather all day. I have also heard testaments of students during my years there having their nose broken, the isolation room was something pretty similar to the rooms they have in prison, smelling like urine.

My experience at FFS was the worst thing I have ever experienced.

The way they talked to you made you feel less than human, almost like a beast, one of my family leaders Mike Losicco, admitted to being an ex-meth user. Him and the rest of the staff made you feel less that human...I hope the school gets shut down for good, the staff and ex staff be held responsible for their actions.

Their abuse has gone on long enough and nothing ever good came out of the place. Along with staff being horrible, students are also responsible for helping staff in their actions, to name a few Corey F****, Chris K***, Matt B*******, Corey C*****

Let this be the end of FFS FOREVER!