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Who We Are
This website and The Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign were started in April, 2009 by a group of survivors of The Family Foundation School located in Hancock, New York. We are based in the New York area but have contributors and supporters from all over the world. Most of us have left The Family Foundation School within the past few years. All of us have testimonials from our experiences at the school posted on this website. The site is currently moderated by a group of survivors who were students at the school over a ten year time span.

The content on this site is a compilation of information we received, investigations we compiled, and alumni contact with this group.  Besides Testimonials from alumni, the content on the site goes through various stages of review by our group of moderators before it is published to the site.  Most of our alumni and non-alumni supporters are also volunteers with The Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY), although this campaign is not affiliated with them, nor do they run or fund our campaign.

This website and FFS Truth Campaign were created to give alumni a place to tell their story from their time at The Family Foundation School.  The site also gives us the opportunity to reveal the truth behind the Family Foundation School's lies, manipulations, and abuses that have occurred over a more than thirty year time span, with reports of abuse as recent as late 2009 and as far back as the late 70's.  This is in no way meant to be a hate site or a group seeking revenge, but a place for alumni to come together to heal and a place for prospective parents who are contemplating sending their children to The Family Foundation School to see what many alumni claim are institutionalized physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuses along with the post-Family Foundation School issues faced by alumni after their release from the facility.

This site was also created to make public the abuses that have occurred for so long and that which The Family Foundation School does not state on their website or in their brochures.  We have uncovered, and alumni have testified to, numerous abusive and cruel therapeutic practices that the school administration refuse to publicly admit to, completely correct, and apologize for.  Although this campaign is directed towards the Family Foundation School, our overall goal is to end institutionalized child abuse in residential programs nationwide.

If you would like to contact a survivor of the Family Foundation School or one of the moderators of this campaign, please email - all communication with this group are considered confidential if you request.  You can also visit our page on Facebook and state your opinion on our discussion boards.

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"I was forced to work from 7:15am to 6:30pm, during one I contracted bronchitis and complained of dizziness and shortness of breath several times before collapsing due to neglect of my illness"     - Chavaya Beebee-Galvo, Survivor of The Family Foundation School