Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)



Tatianna M.
I spent a total of three and a half years at the Family School, Two and a half of which I was spent in the corner, on trotting, on blackout (ie not being allowed to speak to anyone for 6 or more months at a time. I was accused of flirting with boys and had no option but to cut ALL OF MY HAIR OFF, just like a teenage boy. Not once, Not twice but three times!

My parents were told by Robin Ducey that if she didn't cut my hair, my mother would have to take me home immediately. Since robin likes to exaggerate everything of course all my parents knew was that I was not allowed to talk to them and that I wasn't doing so well. So she was forced to agree. I too spent days without eating. I was allergic to the dry tuna, and found myself being forced to eat (which I never did) my leftover Kilbasa, sauer kraut and ketchup from the night before.

I often wore no shoes, faced a corner, and was forced to stand infront of 40 strangers and disclose my biggest and darkest secrets. I remember one time, i was forced to say that i was doing something totally inappropriate when I had never even done them. iwas forced to believe that smoking 2 joints makes you a drug dealer. i got called names like whore and a no good lousy prostitute ( which i can still never recall happening in my life) These situations have definitely effected me mentally and still 8 years later.

Submitted By: Tatiana M