Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Steve Gottlieb

My name is Steven Gottlieb and i went to FFS from December 2004 to June 2007. I was 15 when i got there...17 when i left. I would like to start by saying that no paper, no book, no text, and no way of expression could ever be enough to give an explanation of how disgusting the Family School's program is.

From day one, they start to conform you to their perfect poster child. Cut hair, polo shirt, jeans;everyone looks the same after a while. Without a chance to really answer the question, you are labeled as an addict. Whether you smoked pot once or did heroin 2,000 times. The school viewed all drug users as abusers. Most of the staff were either non using addicts or x-convicts.

The school was built like this: kids confront kids too look good for staff. If kid does not confront kid, staff uses emotionally abusive methods too punish the more "senior" student. The school is run off fear and the staff know that they can get away with anything they want. They called us manipulators, however if we ever told our parents the actual truth about what was going on, the school would accuse us as manipulating them...than go manipulate themselves. Come on! Who is our parents going to believe? Their juvenile delinquent or the "professional boarding school".

That place is a house of abuse. Many of the staff members fall into the category of those who abused the children. Specifically Tommy Cummings, Jeff Westby, Joe Ragalovich, PAUL GEER!!! Let me stop at Paul Geer. Paul Geer, an admitted sex addict and ex-convict for tax fraud, is the family leader for Family 6 and instructor for mixed chorus. He favors those in chorus and if you are not on his favorite list, he will find any excuse to make you feel incompetent and a much lesser person than you actually are. Staff knew that kids couldn't react to them as if they were on the street, so staff took advantage of that and "tried" me and many of my friends. Thank God i have a good head on my shoulders, if i didn't, i might have been brain washed with the rest of them.

I had a group of friends who all understood that FFS was a joke...we knew this...however, it was never spoken of; much like a mental pact between friends. I stuck with them until the day i got the day i got out.

Finally, done with the useless punishments and intense mental and emotional abuse. I sit here a year and a half later and am now on medicine again because the trauma caused by FFS is still embedded in my brain. I hope that one day they will never allow a soul to enter that false utopia.

Submitted By: Steve Gottlieb