Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Shantel Becker

Hello, my name is Shantel Becker. I attended Family Foundation School for 18 months. I endured much abuse while I attended there…

Here’s my testimony………….

I was raped when I was 15 years old, and in order to keep me safe from my rapist and his families retaliation, my mother drove me and placed me in the family foundation school. When I first walked in, everyone was so friendly. I was then escorted into the female locker room by two female classmates while my mother remained in the office….. The female students proceeded to go through my bags and strip search me. I was then told to squat so they could check for any contraband. (I thought trained professionals were suppose to do this work, and not other students) I felt embarrassed as they put lice shampoo on my head as it burned and forced me to take a shower in front of them….. I was never allowed to say good-bye to my mother……….. I was immediately put on house blackout in family 3 and couldn’t look at a guy or talk to anyone but the girls in my family. I didn’t even know what that meant, and didn’t know any of the rules, so the sanctions kept rolling in…

After about 3 weeks there family 3 traded me and I was now in family 2 with Mike and Roxi Losicco, Jackie and Joe Petriella, Dave and Letta Schoonmake, and Tom….. I was put on every sanction, was forced to stand in the corner without shoes, I had to take showers with the curtains wide open, go to the bathroom with the stall door open……. I was forced to eat plain maypo, tuna fish (allergic to seafood) and peanut butter for a year straight…… I had lost a lot of weight and was made to believe I had a eating disorder and that I was a cross addicted alcoholic…..

I was forced to sleep next to someone, wasn’t allowed to talk to my family, I was suicidal so they forced me to sleep in the isolation room in the gym with just my underwear and a mattress with the air conditioner blowing in the middle of winter with security camera, while two students sleeping on the other side comfortably, they even sent me to Schenectady, NY to a mental hospital……. They had students restrain other students.. I remember the living skills class with Joe Petriella where he would emotionally abuse me, saying I was ugly and disgusting, that I was a piece of shit, and that my parents put me in that school to get rid of me, because I was a bitch…. He said as long as I stayed there he would make my life a living hell…… even his wife, Jackie, hated me and showed her hatred on me….

The only staff who ever treated me as an equal and I would never say anything bad about him, was tex, family 6 leader, I trusted him with my life…… My mother finally pulled me out from the school when she found a school that was closer to home, but that school messed me up in the head, a great person, Tom M (R.I.P) committed suicide while I attended there, of course only a selected number of students knew that, but the school didn’t inform the other students of what had happened.

The family foundation school claims to help at risk teens, but instead tries to brain wash them, and manipulate them into doing what they are told, by giving them privileges…. The family foundation school needs to be shut down, we ex students need to unite and get a major lawsuit together since time is running out for us to file this class action law suit. I was told we can sue for millions each if we stick together, so we can get our sanity back, that school made us fear change, and we need to act fast, so other parents aren’t manipulated in sending there children there, and other children aren’t enduring more abuse than we had to endure, since most of us had left years ago……

Submitted By: Shantel Becker