Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Sexual Humiliation

Family School TRUTH Campaign Note: Paul Geer, who is cited in numerous testimonials is still employed by The Family Foundation School

“If I did manage to get permission to use the bathroom I had to have two other
students go with me into the 6x8 bathroom with no stalls or urinals. This was
very difficult for me, perhaps more so than for others because I was sexually
abused at a military school that I attended as a child.” - Charlie Carson
“Masturbation was a big, and I mean BIG no-no. They told you that it was
inappropriate and that it was going to bring you down spiritually. So at one
point you begin to believe them and you start feeling like crap, and you look like
it too.” - Darrillyn Boyce

“Tony Argiros (the man who owned the school) came in and kept screaming and
asking her how many boys had ever touched her vagina. He screamed so loud
that I wanted to cover my ears. He went on and on for almost an hour. And all of
this right while we were eating.” - Grace Cole

“I was called a slut, a whore, an ungrateful human being; I was told by my
family ”mother“ repeatedly that she hated me, and she clearly favored the other
children, letting them get away with more than me. I struggled to be as honest as
possible, but I was accused of lying on a daily basis. I was forced to say
extremely embarrassing things in front of 30-40 of my peers. If I developed a
close friendship with one of the other female students I was accused of being a
lesbian and was not aloud to talk to or look at her.” - Leah Bonner

“There were students who were ridiculed due to their sexual-orientation, as the
staff did not agree with them. I remember one student who was mandated to
stay at the school by the courts, with his only other option being prison, and he
chose prison.” -Caity Super (formerly Caity Ingles)

“Sex and lust were a big part of the table topics. Very often, you were made to
stand up and share every little detail of you past – including sexual experiences
or masturbation habits. Girls had to share these secrets while male staff and male
students watched, and vice versa. You would be told how dirty you were. Staff
always trying to get us to admit to masturbation, which they thought was very
evil and selfish. If you were suspected of having masturbated then your showers
could be monitored. During one of my table topics, a staff (Mary Musgrove) tried
to get me to admit I wasn’t a virgin in front of the boys. I kept swearing up and
down that I had never even kissed a boy, but my answer was never good
enough. During another table topic I was told by staff that no man would ever
want to be with me. They said this was because I was a dirty hippy that didn’t
shave her legs. At the time I didn’t want to shave my legs because I thought
natural was better. Mary Musgrove made each boy go around and tell me I was
gross and they would never be my boyfriend.” - Grace Cole

“I saw girls get humiliated and called whores at the table. One girl got yelled at
and mocked by Mary Musgrove for the way she walked. The girl naturally had
big hips that would sway just a little bit when she walked. Mary walked back
and forth in front of the table imitating her and accusing her of wanting
attention. Girls were always criticized for being too sexy or voluptuous.” - Grace

“Also, the school has a very strict anti-masturbation policy. Students were
encouraged to call me a pervert, and girls told me that I was a disgusting person
because I masturbated. All of this was discussed over meals. That is an
embarrassment and public humiliation that no student deserves. […] Students,
particularly the girls, were encouraged to mock us. One girl was even applauded
for saying that ‘If we talked about her like that, she would cut our dicks off.’ […]
A lot of the policies at FFS exist to publicly demean the student. They seek to
destroy a student’s will to fight by making you feel worthless. It is no surprise
that one student while I was at FFS committed suicide.” - Chris Noroski

“I remember one girl (age: 15) being brought in front of the table (this was done a
few times a day during meal times, putting a strain on any social time we might
have had) and reduced to tears after being forced to talk about numerous times
she was raped. She was then screamed at, called a whore and a slut, and told that
she had been asking for it. That she knew what she was doing to incite the rape.
Another child, a 12 year old boy, would be publicly humiliated for being caught
masturbating at night.” - Kyra D.

“After she was done sharing, the so-called FFS therapy began. Paul G. began by
telling her that if she didn’t continue to follow the FFS way, that she would
inevitably become the whore she used to be. He went on tell her without the FFS
program she would amount to nothing and nobody will ever love her or care for
her. I felt terrible for this girl, she was simply opening up about her fears.
However, it wasn’t over. Then the loyal soldiers (aka Senior Members) continued
where Paul had left off. About 5-6 Senior Members berated and demoralized this
girl for over a half an hour. […]” - Dave C.

“During my first few weeks there I was told I was nothing special, was nothing
more than a blow up doll, used and thrown away like a tissue. I was a whore and
my birthmother was the same. If I wasn’t careful I would finish her cycle. These
verbal put-downs were displayed in front of groups of girls as well as boys, men
and women who were requested and encouraged to add their sentiments on the
situation.” - Andrea Digenno

“Lusting at this age is a completely normal event; however, at the FFS, you are
taught this is something to be ashamed of and especially if you a female, you are
taught this feeling makes you a slut or a whore. Tony immediately called the girl
at the table a whore and asked her why she was lusting. When she broke down
and admitted to being raped, Tony called her ‘nothing but a rag for guys to cum
on,’ and proceeded to tell her that was all she would ever be.” - Katelyn W.

“[Paul Geer] often talked about his past sex addiction in detail. He despised the
idea of masturbation. One time the choir didn’t sound good. He stopped us and
said that one of us must have masturbated recently and contaminated the sound
with their impurity. He would criticize the girls in the choir often. One time he
stopped the whole choir and told a girl in the front row that she was sticking her
breasts towards him and that she would be a wet rag for men one day.” - Grace

“We were all told we would end up dead or in jail if we left. One girl was
brought up at the table and taunted about a previous molestation that had
occurred to her by Paul Geer. He made it feel like it was her fault she was
molested and then told her if she dared try to run away or leave the school it
would happen again.” - Sarah Forman

“He asked me if I too was a whore and a slut who wanted to fuck everyone. I did
not respond as I was caught off guard. I looked to my family leaders almost for
protection from Tony – this was a mistake as Tony began questioning me in front
of the family and asking my preference of men versus boys. He then spent a solid
5 minutes calling me a whore and asking about me lusting out about the male
staff members and who I wanted to sleep with. I tried to defend myself but me
speaking only made it worse. I walked away feeling so embarrassed, humiliated,
but at the same time, glad I was able to take the abuse away from the poor girl
standing at the head of the table. She later thanked me for taking Tony’s wrath
away from her. I was woken up later that night with another girl in my family so
upset she had taken a razor blade and slit her throat open. We were both covered
in her blood and I tried to stop the bleeding. I do not remember what happened
to her.” - Katelyn W.

“This invasion of space and privacy had no boundaries - not even privacy in the
restroom. I had to sit in a small room with strange people my own age and smell
their shit. Why, you ask, would I have to do this? They told us it was because the
person in the toilet might think to masturbate if he was alone.” - Gregory

“I was trying to go with the school’s policy of honesty and I admitted to
masturbating. I was made to stand up in front of my ”family“ of 30 boys and
girls, and admitted sex addict Paul Geer, and admit what I had done. I was then
fed tuna fish and made to sit away from my family. I was then put on a sanction
(punishment) that if I masturbated I would eat tuna fish. However I see that Rita
Argiros said the school never had a policy against masturbation.” – Sarah Forman
“Paul Geer told the whole family of MINOR boys and girls that he almost got in
a car accident from holding a Big Mac with one hand and masturbating with
another. He screamed this at another supposed sex addict who was standing up
at the table.” – Sarah Forman

“The most embarrassing thing that ever happened during all of this was being
denied feminine hygiene products and having an accident. Mary Musgrove
made me have a table topic about this. She stood me up and said, ”Tell all the
boys what happened to you.” I was so embarrassed that I began to cry. The girls
in my family told me I was nasty and that I didn’t care about myself.” - Grace

“For example, masturbation was highly frowned upon according to the school’s
ethics, and the best way to get a student to stop was by embarrassing them in
front of peers their age, often of both sexes. Masturbation was not easy to hide
because we were all forced to use the bathroom in front of a peer of more
seniority, sleep in a bunk bed, shower in front of people, etc.” - Corey Ciresi

“We were openly accused and abused for masturbating, often in front of the girls
at the school. People who had STDs or other ailments were exposed and often
ridiculed for it, being called whores or worse.” - Scott Conroy

“Tony Argiros, the founder, was no exception. He used to eat lunch in a different
family everyday. I’ll never forget the day he came to my family and sat next to
me. He proceeded to tell the whole family how, anytime somebody obsessed in
their minds, even about the cracks in the ceiling tile, that they were just mentally
masturbating, and that we had a whole nation of sex-addicted youth.” - Scott

“Many things heard from staff, berating kids with high level verbal abuse, often
of a highly derogatory and sexual nature, at times regarding sexual orientation.
The worst offenders of this were Paul Geer, Robin Ducey, Tony Argiros, Sal
Guarino, and Linda Anderson during my time at the school. […] An admitted
sex addict was one of the high-up faculty and counselors, as well as a dorm
monitor living above the boy’s dorm. This staff member, Paul Geer, often talked
about masturbating while eating a cheeseburger and was extremely obsessed
with students being ‘sex addicts.’ […] Students were forced to explicitly state
their past histories, both regarding drug use, and sexual history. This was done
in mixed company, and students were often then ridiculed for these stories (even
though most of it was made up to appease the staff and be allowed to speak to
family).” – Jon Martin-Crawford

“I was told in front of all of these people that I had been flirting with two or three
of the boys in the house by making eye contact with them and smiling. I was
yelled at, degraded and humiliated. Then the three boys were told to stand up
and they were advised that I was a ‘black widow’ and would have sex with them
and then bite their heads off and throw them out.” - Jennifer Jacobs

“Due to my nightmares and medication I was falling asleep in church (chapel
was twice a day, once in the morning and once at night) and also in class. A
group of girls and staff did an intervention with me and accused me of staying
up all night masturbating because one girl had heard me tossing and turning. I
was yelled at and told that they will always know when I masturbated because
lust causes fatigue and if I was tired, it meant I was masturbating all night. I
denied it because it wasn’t true but no one would talk to me and I was always
yelled at for everything. I had to run around the building 2 times every morning
and put on a work sanction to ‘wake me up.’ I eventually admitted to having a
‘severe masturbation’ problem just so people would talk to me. - Melanie Bilcik