Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Allegations of Sexual Abuse

“A staff member, Sal Guarino, … formed a sexual relationship with a student. –
Jon Martin-Crawford

“Leaders of staff were molesting children and blaming other students for these
situations. Some students were taken on outings and touched by a specific highly
trusted staff member. Upon return, said students blew the whistle to their
parents, resulting in their immediate removal from the school, as not to infect the
rest of the population with their propaganda.” - Andrea Digenno

“I remember a girl being touched at the table supposedly, by staff. Somehow,
this guy is looked upon with so much regard. To hell with these twisted sex
addicts they call staff.” - Lisa D.

“I walked out of my graduation and never looked back. I repressed most of my
memories of the stay consciously. I have nightmares still. The effects of the
torture have not faded completely and I had many problems in the years
following my stay. I find it difficult to sustain relationships both romantic and
friendships. […] I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I have not slept more
than a 4-hour night since going to The Family. The panic attacks are so severe
that I actually am under the care of a cardiologist because I have had what are
assumed to be minor heart attacks. I am only 31. I should not have these
problems. I have gotten treatment for PTSD. It did help a little but I am not in
control of the anxiety by any means. … The Family [Foundation School] teaches
one thing. No child is of value. They are all disposable and to be taken advantage
of for personal and financial gain. If you have a child at The Family please go get
them. Go today before it is too late. If you are thinking about sending your child
to The Family, I beg you to find another way! Lives are ruined there. Souls are
destroyed and self worth crushed.” - S. H.

“If you were sent to the school for drugs, you were immediately an addict. If you
were caught drinking or had ANY history drinking, you were an alcoholic. If you
enjoyed premarital sex, you were a sex addict. This is no joke, this is the very
fabric of the Family Foundation School. If you weren’t an addict, you didn’t
really require the program of recovery that the school offered, which meant you
didn’t need to be at the school. If that were the case, the school would make no
money...can anyone else recognize a pattern? Nothing fucks with your head
more then constantly battling with a fake addiction. After I left the school I was
convinced I needed A.A, even though I never really liked alcohol. One day I
overheard two staff members talking. Here is what they said: ‘How many kids in
here do you think are really addicts?’ ‘Oh, one, two maybe. The rest of these kids
are jokes.’” - Matt Mantone

“If you ever need any testimony about any abusive things: food deprivation,
physical neglect of illness, physical abuse, verbal and psychological abuse,
misrepresentation and dishonesty with families, intense humiliation tactics, or
unlawful working of youth, just contact me and I would be happy to offer [more
of] my memories.” - Clay Hamilton

“Upon leaving I developed severe anxiety disorder and didn’t know how to
socialize with others. I developed insomnia and to this day I suffer with
nightmares and am terrified in social situations.” - Melanie Bilcik

“Their website claims to heal parent/child relationships, but the opposite is
done. The FFS destroys families. They teach kids to lie to their parents about
their misery. They encourage parents to lie and threaten their kids. Parents are
told to not inform their kids they are being brought to a residential program.
They are told to never accept them if they leave FFS. I was told my family
wanted nothing to do with me, which was a lie. All of the family problems are
blamed on the kid.” - Grace Cole

“When I left the FFS my pain was not over. I suffered extreme chronic pain,
trauma and nightmares after the school. I had days where I had pain all over my
body and it was hard to move. I would wake up in the morning feeling like I had
been beaten all night. I suffered insomnia; I could never fall asleep until 3 am for
a long time. I had to go to a chiropractor because I had so many knots in my
back. Mentally, I felt the constant need to correct myself over petty things. I
constantly felt guilty and dirty. I had to continuously tell myself that I was an
alright person.” - Grace Cole

“I remember students sitting or standing in the corner for months on end.
Students being on work sanction all day for weeks on end. Skinny girls being
forced to eat doubles, slightly over-weight students being forced to eat halves.
The girls that staff deemed as being too attractive were forced to cut their hair
and wear baggy clothes with no make-up. They labeled everybody as either an
alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict, or all of the above in my case. Girls were told
they were worthless pieces of meat and were simply blow-up dolls for male
desires.” - Dave C.

“[I’ve] experienced the same nightmares others have of being forced to go back
there and trying to tell people that I’m over 18 and they can’t make me but
somehow they can. The nightmares have only recently ended. This is my first
time speaking out about the abuses that occurred because I didn’t realize it was
actual abuse until hearing Jon Martin-Crawford’s testimony and reading
testimonies of my fellow classmates. Now I won’t shut up about it. Something
must be done about the FFS and other institutions like it. I have now realized
that I didn’t fail at the FFS. The FFS failed me and my parents. The school preys
on desperate parents.” - Sarah Forman

“However one cannot deny the emotional HELL of living in this environment.
[…] Even after leaving the school, the emotional abuse still haunted me. I had
dreams for months, and continue to still have some to this day, of being sent
back, kicking and screaming, telling anyone that will listen that I am 18 now and
they can’t send me back, and then being told due to some loophole, they can.” -
Fay Leff