Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Ryley E.

STUDENT FROM 1998-2001.  The sad thing about the Family School is the fact that the people that work there actually enjoy and feel good about what they do. If demoralizing people to the point of near suicide is your cup of tea then thats the place for you to work. An example that comes to mind would be the physical abuse that the kids undergo. One time a girl "flipped out," meaning that after making her carry buckets of dirt all day, she desperately needed to sit down, but wasn't allowed to. Out of sheer exhaustion she slumped into the corner. She must have weighed about 95 lbs tops. A counselor named Woody would take great pride in he fact that he could take his three hundred pound body and literally slam her to the ground, or shove her brutally back into the corner "where she belonged!!"

One boy was allergic to eggs, yet he was made to eat them. I would have to sit in the toilet with him as he threw up, and reprimand him for it. If i didn't then i would inevitably feel the wrath of the sick people in charge. They even made him eat his regurgitated eggs. Dogs do that, not humans.

One of my favorite stories is that when my mother was dying of cancer i was made to return to the ffs for the last six days of her life, under the threat that if i didnt that my graduation would be pushed back. That is unforgivable, twisted and cruel. Then only weeks after she passed, i would be told to pull my self together and stop acting like a baby! Nice, right?

I remember restraining people, and in the process begging them to stop because a) i cared for the person; we were stuck there together so it was better to be close to those going through the same insanity, and b)because i knew when staff would come it was not fun to watch. It would make me sick to my stomach.

Another great memory was when someone wrote an obscenity in pencil in the boys toilet. The whole school had to scrub the gym floor with our toothbrushes for three days. It was the weekend so they didn't care. But then they didnt allow us to get new toothbrushes until next Sunday, the day we are allowed to go the the school store. I went all most a week without brushing my teeth. What did that teach me. NOTHING. NOTHING!!!!!

Some of the counselors were ex students. They seemed to be the most sadistic, and i would say mainly because they could relate to us on a personal level, but couldn't show it because it would make them seem weak. So when they would get angry, say like in a friendly game of pick up basketball, we would be punished for there lack of abilities(TED TOWSLEY) i used to love stealing the ball from him only to watch his face turn red with rage. My punishment: No basketball! Ha! Very mature.

They thrive on making children fear them, God forbid they have any of there own. Most of them dont because they are way to fucked up meet someone that would actually allow them to procreate. I wonder if they would abuse their own flesh and blood because it was very obvious that they didn't mind doing it to us. They would ridicule people to the point of complete deterioration, make people feel disgusting for desiring to have a relationship with the opposite sex, use scare tactics to manipulate us into submission. All in all it was sick. Yes the academics were ok, sports were fun, and not all of the people that work there are monsters. But most of them are, and the fact that the others didnt and obviously still dont do anything or say anything when such wrongdoings are occurring every minute at that place says something about their character, or lack there of. Teenage years are very tough for a lot of people, so why compound it by stripping us all of what little integrity we had to begin with. Living in fear is not healthy for anyone.

Let me tell you, i have stories. I could go on for hours about the mistreatment we were all subject to, but this will do for now. I am not bitter; i just think that as a whole it is a horrid establishment, ran by sick people.

Submitted By: Ryley E