Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Rich Frati

Attended: 2006

The year that I was at the family school was the worst in my life.

I was standing facing the corner 15 hours every day if I did something as simple as say yes instead of "yes thank you". Senior members would tell me they were gonna bring me up to the table the next day just because they found it funny, if i ever responded in a negative manner (yelling), I would find myself in the isolation box - a 6 by 6 box that kids jerk off, piss, and poop in and have the work sanction kids clean once in a blue moon.

I remember spending 4 days in here without seeing the sun for telling a kid to "shut up or I'd knock them out." This place made me completely mentally unstable; trying to commit suicide for the first time. When you got up at the table they would tell you what a useless human you were and how the only way you could possibly make anything of yourself was through "jesus christ".

I was on exile in the winter where I could only wear a short sleeve shirt even though [when exposed to] the cold I break out with hives and it can be fatal and I would have to do so sometimes in subzero weather, Hancock being in the mountains. I was put on silence because I wouldn't tell on kids they told me if i wasn't gonna talk the way they wanted me to i should lose my right to I was on silence for over 2 months and whenever I'd break it I'd be thrown in the iso[lation] room. I ran away many times to escape the abuse and was told that if I went home O would make nothing of myself.

Now I am doing very well I have a job and I'll get my diploma in June, after that I'm going into the united states marines. The only thing I can credit the family school for is showing me the life of a confined space and realizing i don't want to go that way in life, but i feel like there are way more appropiate ways to do so other then abusing 16 year olds untill they go crazy