Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Religious Discrimination

“The staff at The Family School decided that my views about religion were
dangerous and unnecessary and dangerous, so I was no longer allowed to
discuss religion or philosophy when I was permitted to talk to people at all.”
- Charlie Carson

“At one point my sister was placed in the corner on family blackout because she
refused to go to Confession; we are not Catholic.” - Marisa (Mitnaul) Diaz

“The Family School insisted that all of their students eat all the food placed in
front of them, so during Passover when the rest of the students were having
bacon lettuce and tomato, the Jewish kids had that too, on matzo. When the other
kids were having Philly cheese steaks, the Jewish kids had that too, on matzo.”
- Emil Fischer

“There was no religious freedom. One boy expressed an interest in Islam. He was
told by staff that he had to be Catholic because his parents were. He wasn’t even
allowed to read the Qur’an to study it for knowledge.” - Grace Cole

“I remember Mike telling a young man, whose name is Sam Pettinatto (I think
this is close to his last name) that it was really too bad he was born a Jew.” - Clay

“I was forced to partake in religious services even if I did not believe in what was
being preached.” - Jonathan Bowen

“Many students were Muslim, or had religious beliefs and guidelines that forbid
them from eating certain foods. They were not given any option to honor their
beliefs, instead they were forced to eat meats, daily.” - Caity Super (formerly Caity

“I was forced to attend church services of religions I was not a part of on a
weekly basis. We were chastised if we did not believe in God, or that our faith
was not strong enough.” - Scott Conroy

“I was told I would have to eat everything that was served. When I told them
that for religious reasons I didn’t eat pork, they said it didn’t matter… […]
Another time they served me something I didn’t recognize and I asked if it was
pork. They kept saying it wasn’t so I ate it, even though I didn’t believe them.
As soon as I finished one person asked me if I liked my ham. “ - Rebecca