Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Denial of Contact with CPS, Legal Representation, or Family

To this day, The Family Foundation School administration and owners openly refuse to give students full and unmonitored access to Child Protective Services and other agencies to report abuse.  This allows abuse to go unreported and the school NOT held accountable

“I was denied access to any emergency services or any type of protective hotline
for minors under abuse.” - Charlie Carson

“I was convinced though that my parents knew that I was eating frozen soy
patties, carrying buckets of rocks, having my asthma attack due to grass cutting,
living on campus with a sexual predator and tax evader Paul Geer. When in fact
talking to them 7 years later about my experience, they had no clue any of this
was happening. We were brainwashed to believe our parents knew, and that if
we did try to tell them, we would be deemed manipulating con artists and our
parents would keep us there longer.” - Jacob Lysick

“I felt like I was rotting inside. I was not allowed phone calls for weeks, and my
family had no idea I was being abused.” - Grace Cole

“I was unable to talk to my parents for 6 months, at this point I did not even care
about them, they did not believe me when I told them I was getting my ass beat
by the faculty, then thrown into a cell and locked in there anywhere between 1
and 5 days. I remember waking up and thinking how bad I wanted to kill
myself.” - Chris Austin

“Students must be allowed to talk to Child Services. There was no access to Child
Services while at The Family School.” - Chris Noroski

“All phone calls and letters to parents were monitored and read. We weren’t
allowed to tell our parents what went in the school because it would be
considered a manipulation and we would be heavily punished. My parents were
in the dark most of the time about what happened to me at the school. I was on
family blackout most of my stay and when I DID talk to my parents, I was only
allowed to say positive things about the school.” - Sarah Forman

“Students are not given contact info for any child advocates. All phone calls and
letters are closely monitored. Students are forbidden any contact with the world
outside of FFS. Even if visitors or parents come to visit, students were never
allowed to say anything of what was going on without being accused of trying to
manipulate their parents to get out of the program, and then get punished for
trying. Many people like me just didn’t say anything cause it was easier to lay
low and stay out of trouble. If these practices are still ongoing at the school
today, there will never be any way for any outsiders to know what is really going
on in the school.” - Fay Leff

“My phone calls and mail were monitored so I couldn’t tell my parents what was
happening.” - Melanie Bilcik

“If you told your parents what was going on the school said you were
manipulating and lying. Every letter sent home was read and most rejected. Only
letters that had the “I love you tone” and the ‘You saved my life by sending me
here, please leave me here and give The Family more money’ were released to
the parents.” - S. H.

“During my stay at the FFS, I experienced and witnessed many horrors that
should never be experienced by any child. First, I had an attorney who had
fought on my behalf to keep me out of the school and lost prior to my arrival. I
asked to call her several times during my stay there and was refused the right.
We were told we didn’t have rights until we were 18 by the staff and senior
members. I believed them.” - Sarah Forman

“My mom passed away unexpectedly in August 2008. A few months before she
was killed, she had begun to uncover the truth about FFS. She called me in the
middle of the night one night crying and begging for my forgiveness for having
sent me to FFS. She – like most of the other parents – had no clue just HOW bad
the experience was for my sister and I. She was actively involved in the Parent’s
Network (I think that’s what it was called) and even helped the school in
”recruiting“ other families by speaking to prospective clients and helping to
convince them how wonderful FFS was.” - Marisa (Mitnaul) Diaz

“After about two months I learned that my grandmother was filing a lawsuit to
get me out of there. I also later learned (after I completed my stay) that a lawyer
had been sending letters to me. I was never given any letters from my lawyer.
[…] My stepmom and dad believed that at this time I loved the FFS. That is what
I had been telling them in my letters. I wrote them a lot of positive things,
because that is what staff expected. They had no idea how hellish that place
really was. The FFS told me that I could not sing in the school’s choir anymore
until I wrote the letter. I was made me sit in the corner and face the wall for
several days until I complied. When someone sits in the corner, their food
portions are restricted and their shoes are taken away. … I wanted to tell my
dad and step mom how horrible the staff were to me, but I lived in complete fear
of the consequences.” - Grace Cole