Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)





The Family School Owner, Mike Argiros,
was interviewed by one of our volunteers
Listen to the interview in the video below
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This is a video from a Capitol Hill briefing on Institutionalized Child Abuse with a youth rights group called ASTART.  Survivor of The Family Foundation School, Chris Noroski, told his experience from the school.  The video is real, and not staged as The Family Foundation School administration alleges on their website.  Chris Noroski currently serves as Vice President for the Youth Rights Advocacy Group CAFETY.

In 2008, Jon Martin-Crawford, a survivor of the abuse at The Family Foundation School, testified, under oath, in front of Congress to the abusive practices and tactics that he experienced and witnessed at the school.  The Family Foundation School responded in a press release stating "we will not dispute his testimony" but recently Family Foundation School administration, including current owner Rita Argiros, have called alumni testimonials "lies".

This is a video testimonial from an alumni of The Family School in Hancock, NY. Emily Valentine tells from her experience at the school and how The Family School used coercive tactics to force children to submit to the school
"I learned quickly how to speak the language of FFS for fear of getting punished the way I had seen my friends get punished so many times. I remember being told at one point early in my stay by several staff members, "FFS is a student run school." I later found out the school ran on the fear."   
- Emmett Katsh-Williams, Survivor of The Family Foundation School

"She always feels like she has failed us and is still not able to let go of her resentment and anger towards us for putting her there.  I feel as though it was the one decision in my life that I wish I could change...Instead of dealing with her, they made them worse and prolonged her recovery as well as ours."
- Camille E, Parent of a Family Foundation School Survivor

"The Family Foundation School had me convinced...I was worthless.  I wish I could let each of you who reads this feel for a few minutes what it feels like to fight such a horrible thought at every waking moment.  And worse is their mission statement"   
- Gregory Brajczewski, Survivor of The Family Foundation School

"The year that I was at the family school was the worst in my life...This place made me completely mentally unstable; trying to commit suicide for the first time. When you got up at the table they would tell you what a useless human you were"
- Rich Frati, Survivor of The Family Foundation School

"I was repeatedly told that I had caused my mother's cancer and father's divorce through my behavior; that I am a liar, cheat, manipulator, pervert, sinner, sex fiend, callous and evil. The FFS had other students address me as such and state their grievances against me."
- Brianna Bernstein, Survivor of The Family Foundation School

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