Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)





When i was 15 i was sent to the school by my parents because i had a drug and behavioral problems! On October 14, 2002 I had arrived at the school and during my first night in their barracks I let them no that I roll in my sleep and that i cannot sleep on a top bunk. The staff said that this is my problem, and "you are just going to try and run away."  About 2 weeks later, I had rolled off the top bunk in the middle of sleeping and ended up breaking my hip, tearing my muscle off my bone, and getting an infected hemotoma in my hip! I had told the people in my barracks [family group] and they got the staff and told me to go back to sleep and to stop keeping the guys up. So the next morning, I could hardly walk so i told them and they made all the staff thought I was refusing to go to chapel, so staff members Angelo Batista and Woody came to my barracks and threw me in the snow and told me to get up and walk up the steep hill. So I ended up limping until the staff took me to the hospital.

When I got back the staff insisted that I was still faking the pain and made me limp around the school for the next two weeks which helped worsen my hip. The staff at the school made me shovel snow, play sports, and do other chores that would put strain on my hip. And if I refused, I would be forced to stand in the corner, and when I would sit instead of stand the staff would physically stand me up and throw me against the wall until I would stand on my own. This happened until I was eventually rushed to the hospital one day because i had a temperature of 104 degrees because I had an unattended staff infection. I stayed in the hospital for about three weeks, where afterward I was then brought back to the school. While I was at the hospital, I had told mom everything that had happened because while at the school I had no connection to my mom or my dad (who was in critical condition in the hospital), and the school staff had told my mom everything I said had been a lie and the staff did no such thing. Then about a week after being back at the school I was woken up in the middle of my sleep to a former student raping me.

I was petrified and ashamed, so I did not say anything, but the first chance I got, I told a staff member and the staff members told me that it never happened and to stop talking about it.  For fear of getting in more trouble and for fear of the kid finding out I talked, I kept my mouth shut for awhile.  And for the next 3 and a half years, I was on work sanction, where I did not go to school and did hard manual labor (for free, not even for reduced tuition rate for my parents), instead I would be standing in the corner where I had to stand for about 12 hours a day straight, with the occasional 10 min break where I was allowed to sit. I had been put into an isolation room for talking back to staff members, when no actual physical harm was threatened on anyone. I would also be left days at a time not eating because I wouldn't eat bananas; so the staff wouldn't let me eat anything until I would eat the banana, even though the staff knew that that food upset my stomach. I tried to tell my my mom, but after manipulating and denying everything to my mom I got stuck in this abuse for 44 months. I eventually brought up getting raped again, and the staff had told me that it had happened to other people as well and my response was why didn't you do anything, but the staff didn't give me any answer.
So I write this not to gripe and complain, but to let people know the school is not what everyone makes it out to be. I graduated and used drugs heavily and ended up getting arrested. I am now in the army and have cleaned my life up.  I wouldn't say by myslef but i do not give any credit to the family school except for maybe fucking my life up even more.

Submitted By: M B. H.