Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
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Logan Meier

My name is Logan Meier an ex student of FFS 5/14/07-10/31/08. I do not wish to offend anyone reading this or go against what anyone on this website has said however, I do wish to reveal wut i know to be the truth in my experience at FFS. I was sent to FFS in hopes by my mother that i would realize where my actions were taking me, and take my word for it nowhere safe or happy. Amphetamines, alcohol, gangs, domestic violence on a loving and scared mother, and hatred for anyone not seeing things my way usually resulting in act of violence. i had been to 2 schools prior; The Oliverian School in Haverill NH, and The Grove School in Madison CT, also spending time at 4Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Katonah NY and SUWS wilderness therapy in Gooding ID. I had not received any help from any of these programs other than aquiring a love for the desert in my experience at SUWS. I still continued to let my anger control my actions against people i love and use any substance i could to mask the truth of how i felt.

After being expelled from Oliverian for beating a fellow student with a hiking stick for referring to my girlfriend as a bitch I went on a three month streak of continued anger and drug abuse of any sort. May 14th 2007 i was woken by escorts who would take me to FFS. I was met by two other student and 2 staff. Then i was taken to the locker room to be checked and strip searched for any contraband or anything not allowed at the school. I see the truth in this as that they are a school for youth that have been sent there for their dishonesty and do not trust them as they are 1st coming to the school. I was NOT stripped of my clothes in front of the student as they were asked to turn away. I was NOT stripped of my identity or personality or anything i believed in. i was simply being enrolled in a school for dishonest youth who more than likely had a track record of sneaking things. In my time spent there there were even times students did bring in drugs or cigarettes upon arrival. i do NOT believe is there intent to strip a student of they really are. And yes i WAS on an initial sanction called "buddy" where i was followed everywhere i went including the restroom for my 1st 40 days on enrollment. It is not only to ensure "purity" but also to ensure that no student would harm themselves in a private room because again this IS a school that tends that sort of track record. I faked my way through for about 6 months and had been on a sanction called "blackout" that i was held to and couldn't talk to student who had not been there for 3 months or more.

This was NOT a punishment but was meant to stop me from being involved in potential runaway with any student or break any rules with a student that was recently enrolled that could negatively effect their stay. After these 6months went by i was put on work sanction. YES was taken out of school to do physical labor. HOWEVER, i was given the opportunity to keep up with my school work that I regrettably did not take. I also was NOT forced into this. If i refused to work i was put in the quite room with the door OPEN where i was given the opportunity to express how i was feeling and learn from the 2 students watching me. I was not abused in any way during this time period. And, YES i was in the corner during my time on work sanction and countless times before it. But i was only there for meals and was tended to with care from my fellow student that I DO consider to be another family to me(Family 2). I was taken off shadow, blackout, and work sanction 2 months after. My reason for work sanction is that i was verbally abusive to the staff that YES resulted in them telling i needed to take a serious look at what was really going on with me in a harsh manner but I WAS VERBALLY ABUSIVE, NOT THEM. Reason being they were right. I was being a selfish disrespectful brat. I was there for essentially those reasons anyway so I NEEDED to hear this harshly or i never would have heard it at all due to my closed mind that I had at that time in my life. I then gained some trust from staff and my family and was granted the responsibility of being the student that followed the student on shadow.

I consider my time having that responsibility as being the best teacher I could be. I did NOT EVER ridicule them or abuse them. I was a figure they could go to to talk to or learn from if they wanted it. During the rest of my time there i NEVER encountered a staff abusing a student. But i did see plenty of students get violent and were restrained with care and prior training due to there actions to ensure safety of them and anyone around them. I was given 3 meals a day that I was able to chose the amount/potion of(small-medium-large)and expected to finish what was on my plate and given the option to have extras if I was still hungry. I was NEVER malnourished or made hungry. No student was ever forced to admit to masturbation in front of anyone but were given the opportunity to admit to it with the same sex in the dorm. No i dont agree with the rule but do believe in purity and chose to follow it that rule

I NEVER had a problem socializing post FFS with piers or the opposite sex. I now have 26months sober, a beautiful girlfriend that i respect and love due to my teachings at FFS, and also due to MY DECISION TO DO SO through AA. I was introduced to AA at the school and told specifically it may not be for everyone due to that it was the basis of their schools program. NEVER forced or punished for not being a part of it. I was only given opportunity. I also now have a good relationship with my mother and have my own part in house in Boulder CO that I am proud to say I live in. I have kept the best friends of my life post FFS as well. One of which i consider to have saved my life during my stay and I will keep him anonymous. I do not wish to cause harm on this website but to reveal what I know as the truth about FFS. They have saved me from my road to loneliness and pain throughout the rest of life and gave my an opportunity to see the potential I have to be a productive and honest person of society. They never abused my or any of my family members there and showed my nothing but love and to KEEP my identity and positively use it to societies advantage. Thank you for letting me express my truth.

Submitted By: Logan R Meier