Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Lisa D.

I was not obese, yet they cut my food into half portions from doubles. They said I was greedy. Then they wouldn't let me wear makeup, claiming I was vain. Then they forced me to play on the basketball team. When I didn't want to play, I had my shoes taken away, sat in a corner, and was allowed minimal food. I was extremely hungry and depressed. They manipulate and brainwash so many children into believing they are "addicts", "alcoholics", etc. My self esteem had never been lower. I was neither alcoholic or addicted. I was a teenager. A teenager who wasn't allowed to tell my parents how they were starving my close friend there, who took off one day and came back skin and bones days later from malnutrition. Forcing religion on people. I am Catholic. If I want to pray, I will.

Forcing religion is not FAITH. I should not have been forced to participate in other religions traditions. That is NOT RIGHT. I remember them locking people in a padded room. Children carrying cinder blocks around the building as punishment. I ran away during a blizzard because I'd rather have died than to live another day there. I luckily made it home safe and sound. I am not addicted to anything now, nor was I ever. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. And not in a million years would I ever recommend this school to anybody I know.

I noticed a name missing on the list. I remember a girl being touched at the table supposedly, by staff. Somehow, this guy is looked upon with so much regard. To hell with these twisted sex addicts they call staff. This place should be shut down. Don't get me wrong. I DID learn some values and morals but it was a terrible experience all in all and I still get sick thinking about it. I still wake up with nightmares. I feel extreme guilt that I never told my parents.

Submitted By: Lisa D