Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




L. S.

Student 2001-2004

Although my personal experience at FFS wasn't necessarily a negative one, I can't deny witnessing many if not all of the abusive acts described in the student, staff, and parent testimonies.

I deeply regret the cruelty with which I treated some of my fellow students, simply so I could stay out of trouble. No personal apology could ever excuse such intolerance, mercilessness, and selfishness.

While I am thrilled to hear about the progress that has been made by FFS to end abuse, I don't think that the past is erased by making strides in the right direction.

All students were expected to thoroughly inventory and atone for past wrong-doings. Why don't the same principles apply to everyone?

I was sent to FFS with good reason. I had a serious alcohol and drug abuse history, refused to go to school, grand larceny allegations, etc. I will always have gratitude to FFS for introducing me to AA and for ultimately playing a part in saving my life.

All this being said, my positive experience cannot be justified at the expense of so many others.