Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Kyra D.

I was sent to the Family Foundation School in March, 2001. I was only there for six months but this was more than enough time for the school to make a permanent impact on my life.

I was called an alcoholic and a drug addict numerous times - I was 15, and had only smoked pot a couple of times! I remember teenagers who were 16, 17 years old having to refer to themselves as "sex addicts". I was called a liar for not "admitting" to stuff I'd never done, and they didn't believe me when I told them I was a virgin.

I remember one girl (age: 15) being brought in front of the table (this was done a few times a day during meal times, putting a strain on any social time we might have had) and reduced to tears after being forced to talk about numerous times she was raped. She was then screamed at, called a whore and a slut, and told that she had been asking for it. That she knew what she was doing to incite the rape. Another child, a 12 year old boy, would be publicly humiliated for being caught masturbating at night.

One time I was brought in front of the entire school and screamed at because I'd made a comment comparing the school to a prison. I wasn't allowed to wear anything black, since this apparently reflected my "old ways" so much of the few clothes I had were borrowed and didn't fit properly. Due to the forced amounts of eating, I gained 30 pounds in a time span of four months. During one Family Day (when families were invited to come visit their children), I made it a point to show my parents the facilities they were paying $3,500 a month for me to stay in. I brought them to the broken down trailer which housed 14 teenage girls in three rooms. It wasn't until after my parents had left that I was brought in front of the table, yelled at for being a manipulative sneaky bitch who knew what I'd been doing and then sent to the corner and put on black out with my family (meaning all forms of communication with them would be cut off until further notice).

During my stay, two girls in my School Family attempted suicide by drinking cleaning fluids. They were sent away and brought back the very next day. I would day dream about purposefully falling down somewhere and breaking my arm just to be able to go to a hospital and get away from this insanity. Numerous kids would cut their arms and be yelled at for doing so, and told they were only doing it for attention. They were called disgusting animals. I remember one girl being brought in front of the entire school and publicly embarrassed and reprimanded for throwing up her meals while taking out the garbage. Serious emotional issues that might have been prevented from developing further were seen as forms of "acting out" and deemed worthy of being disciplined.

This is only a brief glimpse of how the Family Foundation School operates, and I can't imagine having had to spend 3-4 yrs there like many other people did.

Submitted By: Kyra D.