Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Sexual Orientation Discrimination

“Homosexuality was considered to be unacceptable.” - Grace Cole

“A few months after I arrived at the school, I was being shadowed by a
homosexual student who was going through a hard time because of the fact that
he was gay and Mike and Robin Ducey were treating THAT as his addiction in
some way or form.” - Emil Fischer

“I also remember a gay student in my family that was harassed by my family
leader Joe Petriella, because Joe did not like Gay Men. He was constantly telling
him how he was a ”fag“ and putting him in the corner for things he shouldn’t
have such as his nails being too long, or his hair being too long – just because he
was gay…” - Amanda Johnston

“Another student in my family, Jordan Bacon, was an open homosexual, and it
brings tears to my eyes to think of how we all treated him. He was morally
condemned, harassed, made fun of, and all of this was sanctioned by the staff.
Let me be very clear here, the students were pressured into harassing Jordan. It
wasn’t only excused, it was welcomed. During one table topic, Jordan was in
tears because the staff had, at this point, convinced him that being gay was evil,
and he just couldn’t beat the demon inside him. Robin and Mike Ducey were
screaming at him in language I choose not to repeat because he wasn’t following
the path they had set out to set him straight.” - Matt Mantone

“From day one I was abused, ridiculed, broken down, and thrown accusations at
more than most of my friends that went there. […] We all even ended up
performing the abuse on others at some point just to move up the hierarchical
totem pole and become more comfortable. The more you broke down and hurt
another student, the better you made yourself look, and the better you were
‘working the program.’ By the time I was confronting other students on their
behavior, I was brainwashed into believing that being gay was evil and that if
you prayed hard enough, god would help you become straight! We had a openly
homosexual boy in our family who was ridiculed everyday for being gay and
told that he needed to recover and become straight and ‘normal.’” - Corey Ciresi

“At least 4 times per day, I was told I was going to go to hell because I’m gay and
that I need to repent and save myself before it’s too late. Father Stevens, Paul
Geer, Jan Cheripko, Susan and Bob Runge, Curt, Gabby, Mike and Robin Ducey
were the main people who were always harassing me. […] I have had numerous
nightmares regarding the abuse I received while attending there.” – E.V.