Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Forrest Young

Years attended : 1985-1986

I am shocked and sadden that this is still going on. I was there from 6/85 to 8/86. I was stripped at intake as others were. I can clearly remember the "Treatments" that they used then and clearly still DO. I saw 5 guys jumping on a resident who didn't conform to "the mindset" of THE FAMILY.
My family came to visit after 3 months and when they left i was emotional. I was put into a room for over 48 hours with 4 guys at all times.

No food or water or sleep until I ADMITTED I was have sexually relations with MY SISTER. That was soo not true but THEY believed the only reason I was upset was because I was having incest. I knew I had no way out but to lie and admit things that were not true...AT 15 years old! One day in the field I was picking peas and had eaten one. That day at lunch they had me stand up so everyone could call me names ,how selfish I was, That I was a glutton and sinner and how I was going to hell for my indecent actions. One of the boys ran away and made it a mile from his house and was killed by an 18 wheeler.

TONY and BETTY went to the funeral of this child and came back to say THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON GOD. Putting fear and guilt into us all. I finally conformed in order to survive my time there. But when i was there over a year I asked to call home for a weekend visit. They refused for two weeks had me in a corner all day eating dry oatmeal and toast. Finally they let me call and my mother came to pick me up. I waited till we were half way home and turned to my mother and said, I don't care what you say or do, I don't care if I have to live under a bridge ,I AM NOT GOING BACK THERE. IT TOOK MY MOM TILL I WAS 24 to finally believe me and say she was sorry.I was forced the kill rabbits with a hatchet which was what we ate for dinner. There was a 30 second rule for morning alarms, If your feet were not on the floor in 30 seconds, They following day your room(20 or so people) had to run 5 miles and they were able to punish the offender. I was that person and the following day in dead of winter at 5 am we ran 5 miles while the room threw snowballs and sticks at me. I could go on and on at the harsh treatments.

Sleep deprivation,starvation, mental physical spiritual sexual abuse was ramped. The statements THE SCHOOL says about having incorrect memories is wrong. I WAS FORCED TO STAY UP FOR 48 HRS LISTENING TO TAPES OF GOD AND WHAT HAPPENS TO SINNERS AND WHY WE MUST LIVE A PURE CONFORMED LIFE. I remember it very clear for MY TIME there had haunted me my whole life. I cannot believe it is still going on. They need to shut it down and charge these people CRIMINALLY.

Sign me up for congress, The courts , CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN....

FYI I was sent there because my family had a house fire and instead of putting me into the foster care system because we had no where to go the state suggested to my mom that this place would be a better place where I was be taken care of and learn values while she worked on getting our lives back. I have nightmares of being back there and not being able to leave , I wake up in sweat and in fear ..25 years later. Its criminal!

THE SCHOOL can say what they want,, But they know what they are doing is wrong ,,