Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)



“I was taken out of class and forced to do meaningless repetitive tasks all day
and after around 3 months of not attending school I failed every single class. A
nearly perfect high school transcript now permanently ruined.” - Charlie Carson

“For part of my work sanction I was given 2 buckets filled with rocks and was
made to carry them up and down the driveway for several hours. When I got to
the end of the driveway I would dump the rocks into a pile and then go back and
get more.” - Grace Cole

“If you didn’t agree with their 12 Step program then they would not let you
attend class. I had to face a corner for days at a time and in my 2 months there,
only attended class for maybe 2 weeks of the time. When I tried studying on my
own they took away my books. Once when I was allowed back in class, there
was a test that day that I was not able to prep for and I was still made to take it.”
- Rebecca Schwarzmer

“I enjoyed and excelled at school but for not “really working my program” I was
taken out of school and placed on work sanctions frequently. During some of
these sanctions, I endured harsh elements like the cold winter weather for most
of my day as did the people who were in charge of watching me. I was always
placed in the corner or isolation for long periods of time. Given that and the fact I
was on house blackout and off my antidepressant, I was depressed and felt
isolated most of my stay there.” - Sarah Forman

“These sanctions lasted between a week and 2 months in my case and consisted
of menial labor all day, with no formal education. I was taken out of school to do
tasks such as carrying buckets of rocks from point A to point B all day and then
the next day carry the same rocks from point B to point A. I also built drainage
ditches, resodded parts of the campus, and during the summer was given a
manual lawnmower and sent outside into 100 degree heat all day, sometimes
without sunscreen or enough proper breaks for water. These ‘sanctions’ were 7
days a week from the moment we woke up 6:15 am (work usually began around
8:30 am) and lasted until 7:30 pm. I would approximate that I missed 6-9 months
of formal education doing this type of labor.” - Chris Noroski

“And for the next 3 and a half years, I was on work sanction, where I did not go
to school and did hard manual labor (for free, not even for reduced tuition rate
for my parents); instead I would be standing in the corner where I had to stand
for about 12 hours a day straight, with the occasional 10 minute break where I
was allowed to sit. I had been put into an isolation room for talking back to staff
members, when no actual physical harm was threatened on anyone. I would also
be left days at a time not eating because I wouldn’t eat bananas; so the staff
wouldn’t let me eat anything until I would eat the banana, even though the staff
knew that that food upset my stomach. I tried to tell my mom, but after
manipulating and denying everything to my mom I got stuck in this abuse for 44
months.” - Marc Heisler

“The ‘work’ was awful. We were outside in the cold and the snow, carrying
buckets of rocks to a path that was already laid out in stone, dumping the rocks
on the path, and then walking back to repeat. All afternoon.” – E.V.
They also made me miss school to sit in the corner all day. I missed more school
in the FFS than when I was on home schooling.” - Melanie Bilcik

“I spent weeks carrying 40-pound buckets of rocks through a cow field for eight
hours a day with a couple of water breaks, only to return to my respected family
to be awarded with a plate of raw tuna fish on a raw English muffin. […] [Some
staff] would not let us have our buckets touch the ground even once. Others
made us run with our buckets. Some even made us carry two buckets.” - Corey

“Working the program took priority over getting an education. Many students
were held back because they were not complying with the schools principles.
Sometimes student that were nearing the graduation time were told they would
not be receiving their diplomas. It didn’t matter what kind of student you were,
you could not graduate unless you worked AA.” - Grace Cole

“[I had] “work sanction” for about a month – which means you do hard labor
such as moving buckets of rocks and dirt instead of getting an education…” -
Amanda Johnston

“I was put on work sanction in which I was forced to do physical labor instead of
schoolwork for hours on end. Due to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to go to
classes my grades were significantly low and I did not complete high school in
the 4 years I was there.” - Alex Dellinger

“I was taken out of classes at one point in my stay and made to work for four
weeks before returning to classes. During my time out of school I performed
many tasks, such as landscaping Tony Argiros’ home on the property. Finding
stones the size of footballs and creating a pile and when that was completed I
had to move the pile thirty feet then back again approximately three times.
Moving a pile of dirt 150 yards to Bob Runges’ garden using only two five gallon
buckets then when that was complete move the pile back up the hill. The worst
thing in the four weeks, which still haunts me to this day, was when Mary
Musgrove made me dig my own grave 6’x4’x6’ she was very specific on the size.
I later in my life had a nervous breakdown and was found in my backyard sitting
in a grave that I had dug.” - Aaron Mellis

“I of course intended on leaving and freely admitted so when brought up at a
table topic. I was put on a work sanction and made to carry buckets of rocks
around in a circle. I was told that if I left, my life would inevitably become a
failure. I was also told that if I left the school my brother would want nothing to
do with me, who is and always has been one of the closest people in the world to
me.” - Rachel Blanco

“I did the infamous rock pile where you would have to move an enormous
mound of rocks from one end of the parking lot to the other with a wheel barrel.
I sat in the corner for days while eating the dry tuna for every meal.” - Dave C.

“Kids as young as 12 being taken out of school to carry out pointless manual
labor such as shovel manure, carry wheelbarrows of rocks, sweeping the roof,
etc. for days on end. This included a staff member using a student AS the mop,
when the student refused to mop the floor.” – Jon Martin-Crawford

“They had a pile of rocks which some kids would have to move back and forth
all day from one spot to another which as tiring as it could be in itself could be
worse if you were also on a trotting sanction. They also had a large pile of cow
manure for the same purpose.”

“I was put on a work sanction picking rocks outside and remained on this
sanction for 3 weeks during which I missed school. - Jennifer Jacobs