Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Food Deprivation

The Family Foundation School uses food as a form of punishment

“They would force to me to eat food that would make me sick and from this
horrific food I gained 40 pounds in about two months.” - Rebekah Silverman

“When [my brother saw me] he was shocked, I was begging him to give me some
food, as this was a luxury I had learned was often cruelly withheld [at FFS].” -
Rachel Blanco

“The staff soon realized that the corner is where I like to be, so they soon started
to take away food. I’ll tell you this: take away from any animal/human being its
food source, and you’ll get results. I’ve never felt the feeling of starvation till I
was brought to The Family School, it’s a terrible pain to be hungry, believe me.” -
Jacob Lysick

“They literally starved me and told me I will go to the hospital and get fed
through tubes. I finally gave in and ate the fish and after about two bites, I
vomited. Every time we had seafood I would vomit, but they still made me eat it.
[…] I was wrapped in blankets and forced to eat nothing but dry tuna and water
even though it made me sick. I was also put on a sanction to eat nothing but
bread and water and remained on that for almost three weeks. When my sister
came to take me out of there she said my complexion was very green in color due
to malnutrition.” - Leah Pallor

“As for nutritional deprivation, I would definitely say I was at times deprived
nutrition. Dry tuna straight out of the can on an English muffin for lunch and
dinner and a small bowl of Maypo for breakfast hardly meet the daily nutritional
requirements for a teen. This was the menu of choice for those who were deemed
‘defiant’ or ‘not working their program.’ I had to endure eating it sometimes. […]
I saw one girl get served dry tuna for at least two months and started having
problems with her bowels and was still given tuna and milk of magnesia. This
same girl was also made to stand all day long in the corner and given only one
pair of clothes to wear for months.” - Sarah Forman

“It got to the point where if I didn’t sweep the entire room perfectly in 5 minutes,
I would have alternative food the next meal (plain canned tuna fish on an
English muffin for lunch and dinner, plain instant Cream of Wheat for breakfast).
Guess what? I lost 60-70-ish pounds in about 3 months.” – E.V.

“I was forced to eat food I was allergic to and had never eaten before. If food was
not finished at one meal it would be finished at the next, as well as the meal
served at that time, all while being forced to face the wall in the corner.” -

“At the same time they put me on alternative food so I was losing weight like
crazy. I went from a healthy 170lbs to 137lbs. It was disgusting, you could see the
bones in my wrist and my face was all drawn in.” - Darrillyn Boyce

“Some students refused to take the advice from their table topic. Some would be
sent to the isolation room and some had food taken away. A boy had his food
taken away for several days. He had after threatened to run away at the table. I
watched him sit in the corner and lose weight. One day I looked at his face and
he looked so sickly.” - Grace Cole

“One boy was allergic to eggs, yet he was made to eat them. I would have to sit
in the toilet with him as he threw up, and reprimand him for it. If I didn’t, then I
would inevitably feel the wrath of the sick people in charge. They even made
him eat his regurgitated eggs. Dogs do that, not humans.” - Ryley E.

“One day, it started raining. I was placed in the gym with another girl on a work
sanction and told that we had to finish cleaning the entire gym floor – with
toothbrushes – in order to receive lunch. […] My sister was always a picky eater.
Each time we were served the Ruben sandwich, it took her a minimum of 4
meals to be able to force it down her throat. Having likes and dislikes was not an
option. I had a particularly hard time with the Frittata (egg lasagna thing). On
one occasion, I was served that same frittata for 9 meals straight (over a course of
4 days), until a decent staff member was working and finally allowed me to
throw the damn thing away.” - Marisa (Mitnaul) Diaz

“I was a vegetarian and forced to eat meat. I saw several kids throwing up in
their meals and being forced to finish their food throw up and all. I also
witnessed Jewish and Hindu kids being forced to eat foods that went against
their religion. Many expressed discontent. Staff said that if that cared so much
about their religion, then they wouldn’t have misbehaved at home.” - Grace Cole

“I witnessed a student in my family, Emil Fischer, get treated like a dog because
he was an annoying individual. None of the staff liked the cut of his jib, and
every time he was up at the table he was shot down, put on sanctions, and told to
shut up. He also had an amazing appetite, and when the staff discovered his love
for food they put him on half portions. After a while, they took away his food
altogether, giving him the very bare minimum to survive. He was placed on
work sanction with the same meals and forced to haul buckets of stones up and
down hills all day long. I personally witnessed a strong, healthy boy transform
into a skinny, malnourished skeleton. One day I brought Emil an extra large
portion of couscous while he stood outdoors during the winter on what is called
”Exile.” To this day I will never forget the animalistic look in his eyes when he
saw the food; he was so hungry.” - Matt Mantone

“A fellow student in 1998 was sent to the school because he was an extreme
vegan, and partook in various protests. Obviously, he did not eat meat. And,
instead of allowing him to eat a vegetarian meal, he was told to eat his meat food
anyway. He refused, and, as was custom, was told to sit in the corner until he
was ready to comply. The rules were that you MUST eat all of the missed meals.
So, he went without a meal for 5 days, a total of 14 meals missed. The school
never offered any other type of sustenance.” - Katelyn W.