Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)



Emails show Family School Ignores Alumni
The Family Foundation School has promised to make amends and have open dialogue with alumni who allege abusive conditions, but from emails we obtained, The Family Foundation School is still refusing to have open dialogue with alumni

We obtained the emails pictured below from an alumni who was expelled from the Family Foundation School after over a year of continuous abuse and humiliation.  The alumni met with Family Foundation School administration back in August and visited the school a few months ago.

While visiting the school, he was refused contact and open conversation with Mike and Robin Ducey, who were his family group leaders and perpetrators of his 16 months of food deprivation, forced manual labor, and other abuses that can be read on his TESTIMONIAL.

After emailing Mike Ducey (who is under investigation by our campaign), he was given a very cold-hearted response that did not answer the questions Emil asked.  That was in early November of 2009, Emil still has yet to hear from The Family Foundation School.  This campaign has had the belief that The Family Foundation School could care less about alumni who are not full Family School supporters and from these emails and the lack of response from Family School administration, we are certain that The Family School has no plans on making amends or apologizing to alumni who are not supportive of the abusive practices at the school.

Mike Ducey even wrote in his email that he does not want any communication with Emil after his first email because Emil is an active participant in this campaign.  On top of that, Mike Ducey called alumni liars by stating that an excerpts from testimonials that were sent out to every citizen of Delaware County, which also named his wife, Robin Ducey, as forcing a student to cut all her hair off to look like a boy, were all untrue and slanderous.  We are really taken back that once again, Family Foundation School staff are calling alumni who have alleged abusive conditions liars.  When is The Family Foundation School and the abusers who are employed there going to take responsibility?.  Take a look at the emails and see for yourself.

Once again we have to say Shame on you, Family Foundation School, Shame on you!

You can click on the emails for a larger view and easier reading.

First Email

Second Email

Third Email

Fourth Email

Fifth Email

Sixth Email