Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Ed P.

Arrived July 13th 2000 and Graduated June 2002. Was there for 2 years. The school wasn't fun but my experience I didn't receive or witness any abuse. Im actually friends with a lot of alumni who hated it there but they still don't claim any abuse occurred to them. I have recommended it to different people based upon their situation. I think some kids get sent there too young and some kids didn't need to be there at all. Personally I arrived as a kid who's life was going no where fast. I'll spare the story, you all know them and probably have similar ones yourself. However upon arriving there I was taught a new way to live and it helped me find out who I was inside. I didn't agree with everything that went on but I left a better person and I can guarantee that was not because of me. I can confidently say that the school saved me from death or jail. One of the other would have come in the near future and I don't question that.

Submitted By: E. P.