Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Delaware County Mailing

In October 2009, The Family School Truth Campaign
mailed out almost 4000 of the letters pictured below
We mailed these to ALL citizens of Hancock and surrounding towns, local social service agencies, schools, police, hospitals, as well as news media and elected local and state officials to ensure that everyone is aware of the abuse occurring at their local school

The Family Foundation School responded in a local newspaper article on the mailing by calling all allegations of abuse "categorically untrue or grossly exaggerated."  The Family School Administration blew off the severity of the abuse allegations saying that all of them were from students who attended more than ten years ago, although we have obtained numerous allegations of abusive conditions from students who attended Family School as recently late 2008.

Don't let another child be subjected to abuse in your town!
These letters are part of our Community Outreach Project and we are appealing to you for help!

The Family Foundation School in Hancock, New York was cited in a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION for INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE.  Congressional hearings were held in 2008. Under oath, a young abuse survivor spoke of his horrid experiences before the United States Congress. There are hundreds more youth just like him who were abused at The Family Foundation School.

Anyone who knows anything about The Family Foundation School, can you please come forward and post your testimony on this site, email us information, or contribute to the discussions on our Discussion page? Do you know anyone who worked there or who currently works there? Do you know anyone who attended school there? Have you ever seen or talked to runaways in your area?


Email us at
If you request, your name will be kept confidential.

You can also get in touch with ELECTED OFFICIALS and PAID TOWN AND COUNTY EMPLOYEES  whose JOB it is to watch over the children of Delaware County and provide for their safety.  Lets hope they will finally start doing their jobs.

Chief Jim McGraw
Hancock Police Department
85 E. Front Street
Hancock, N.Y. 13783
Telephone: (607) 637-3432
Richard Northrop, Jr.
District Attorney Delaware Country
1 Courthouse Square Suite 5
Delhi, New York 13753
Telephone: (607) 746-3557
Richard J. Bell
Delaware County Department of Emergency Services
280 Phoebe Lane Suite 3
Delhi, New York 13753
Telephone: (607) 746-9600
James Eisel Senior
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
22 Wilcox Road
Harpersfield, New York 13786
Telephone:(607) 652-4350
Sandra Karcher
Mayor of the Town of Hancock
85 East Front Street
Hancock, New York 13783
Telephone: (607) 637-5341
Debbie Benson
Director of the Council on Children and Families
52 Washington Street West Building Room 256
Rensselear, New York 12144
Telephone: (518) 473-3652

William Moon
Delaware County Department of Social Services
Social Service and Youth Bureau
111 Main Street
Delhi, New York 13753
Telephone: (607) 746-2325

Thomas Hogan
Office of Nonpublic School Services
NYS Department of Education

89 Washington Street
Albany, New York 12234
Telephone: (518) 474-3879

If you ever come in contact with a Family Foundation School student or former student, don't turn your back on them...They may need your help.

The Family Foundation School withholds food, sleep, and communication from the student's own family and friends as forms of punishment. The Family School staff violently restrain non violent students.
The Family School Administration and Owners have refused to openly address the numerous allegations of abuse.  For well over a decade, many youth have suffered irreparable damage at the hands of The Family Foundation School.  We must put an end to the abuse.
Help us end the nightmares that children are enduring at this very moment!  
To learn how you can help, email us