Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Chris Lont

I was a student at the FFS from August 1997 to June 1999. If it makes any difference or holds any extra weight in your case, I am currently a Lieutenant in the US Navy. I am very busy, so I don't think I'll have the time to write a verbose report of my experience, but I'll list what I saw, and what happened to me while I was there:

- Wrapped up in a blanket and duct taped for mouthing off to a fellow student in August 1997. At the time, The main building was a 3 story farmhouse, and I was thrown into a small room on the first floor where the library was. I was unsupervised for 3 hours, and then was checked on. After asking if I was ready to calm down, I refused to comply, and was left for a full 24 hours in the blanket. Obviously, without the proper facilities available to me, I was forced to twice urinate.

- I was not allowed to talk to my family for the first 56 days there, even though the norm at the time was a 30 day wait.

- A fellow student in 1998 was sent to the school because he was an extreme vegan, and partook in various protests. Obviously, he did not eat meat. And, instead of allowing him to eat a vegetarian meal, he was told to eat his meat food anyway. He refused, and, as was custom, was told to sit in the corner until he was ready to comply. The rules were that you MUST eat all of the missed meals. So, he went without a meal for 5 days, a total of 14 meals missed. The school never offered any other type of sustenance.

Submitted By: Chris Lont