Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




Chris Austin

Well i have so much to say and words cant even express the pain and suffering I went threw at the Family Foundation School but here is a brief look at my stay. I was sent to the family school June of 2003 and within 3 days of being there I was standing in the corner eating dried mapo for breakfast. It was the beginning of hell. I remember at the end of my first month when I got my first phone call to my parents, I did not ask for them to take me out of the school but instead cried because it was so good to hear their voices, i mean i was only 15 and had never been striped entirely from the world and the people i cared about. After i had got of the phone i was in a state of defiance, i wanted to be home. I ran away that night to find myself in the town of Hancock.I called my mom at the nearest pay phone and explained to her that I wanted to be closer to home so I could see and talk to them more, I also explained to her that i was standing in the corner because of my attitude after our phone call that night. As I was talking to her, her boyfriend called the FFS and notified them where i was at. The next day I refused to stand in the corner and eat the dried mapo. When it came time to stand for the pledge I did not stand. Two staff member pulled me out of my chair by my throat i pushed him off of me like anyone would if someone was hurting them, then they tackled me on the ground and one of them took my head and beat it on the floor three times, I remember so vividly.

From then on out I was an angry kid, I did not even care where my life was going. The made it so i could only talk to two people! That's it! I felt like no one cared about me. I was unable to talk to my parents for 6 months, at this point i did not even care about them, they did not believe me when i told them i was getting my ass beat by the faculty then thrown into a cell and locked in there anywhere between 1 and 5 days. I remember waking up and thinking how bad i wanted to kill myself. My days consisted of: waking up in the morning not being able to talk to anyone, then wearing sweat pants, a t shirt and sandals(wore sandals even in the winter), after standing in the corner for breakfast eating my bowl of mapo I was off to carry rocks from point a to b then back to eat a cold soy burger. This would drive anyone insane.

I remember one day I was totally fed up with everything in my life and I just took off running in broad daylight into the woods. A staff member was chasing me and i can remember running until i tripped, the guy jumped on top of me and buried my face in snow, I took a swing at the guy and hit him in his face then the staff member (grown man) hit me back in the side of my head then put his knees on my arms until other people got there to take me back. They locked me in the little room for 5 days. In the 3rd days being in there I thought I would try and play a act, I pulled out a staple from the wall and cut myself and just acted crazy as shit. They called my parents and said i needed help. I was sent off to a mental hospital. I was not crazy but I would rather be anywhere then that place.

Long story short I came back and put up a front for about 13 months. I was put into another family and started getting more privileges. And in a way the school helped me out in very few ways, but has scar me for life. I am about to be a father and i will never EVER think about sending him away to a school like that. I was abused mentally and physically and I don't think any teen should have to go threw that kind of horror.

Thanks for your time, this was mainly for me to get this off my chest, I have been out for five years now and I am still haunted by my experience there. There was many more time that's I was physically abused but to much to say and not enough time.

Submitted by: Chris Austin