Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)



Brandon A.
Where do I begin. I attended the school (aka shithole) from 2001 til 2003 and it was hell..out of the 3 years I was there I was probably out of the corner, off work sanctions and aloud to talk to people for about 6 months all a result of all my work sanctions I was left back a year in school..I was forced to make a commitment at night not to jerk off ...yea I know right that's retarded..oh yea and get this, I had to stand up in front of everyone and explain why i jerked off so much..BECAUSE I WAS 12 YEARS OLD LOL..but anyway that's just one item..

Rita Argiros made me dig up stumps in her yard for punishment

I've eaten so much tuna there that now the smell of it gives me flashbacks..

I spent thanksgiving in the corner..

when I was 13 I didn't talk to my parents for about 10 months of that year..

I was told I was a scum bag, pervert, loser, annoying, and my mom would be ashamed of me if she was looking down at me in heaven..

I had to sit through lame ass AA meetings every few days even though I never had a drink prior to attending the school.

I went home about 2 times in 3 years..

My parents got manipulated by the staff into believing I would be an addict one day..

I witnessed an extremely talented soccer player get kicked off the team for not passing at 75% and it later cost him a scholarship..its a shame..

Honestly I think those 3 years were the worst in my life..I woke up every day wishing I had died in my sleep..I was so young there all i wanted to do was play sports and be a kid..they took that from seemed no matter what I did I was wrong..

Alcoholics Anonymous is something you do when you know u need shouldn't be shoved down young kids throats..

I remember going to graduation and listening to all the bullshit, kids said on the stage and how much of a marketing tool it was for FFS..

The alumni would come and I knew more then half of them were full of shit but they couldn't tell us they knew FFS was a bad place..

The success rate after the school from what I've seen is horrible in the sense that most kids don't stay sober..the school, if anything, can turn you into an alcoholic if you're not already one..

Submitted By: Brandon A.