Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy
CLOSED (August 2014)




2018 Investigation - Police Reports RELEASED

Hello has been quite awhile.  We will get straight to the point.  Since the 2014 closing of The Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy, survivors have come together and there have been a select few who are still actively investigating the school, the staff, and the crimes that were committed.  In 2017 and 2018, one Family Foundation School survivor got more involved and started completing requests for information from government agencies through Freedom of Information Act requests.  Below is a summary of some of the documentation that was released from police

By clicking HERE, you will be able to access the 2018 released Police in the Hancock NY area.  The reports are from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

In the reports:

- 2014 Police report:
- The High Frontier School reported to local Texas police that a student attending their facility was possibly abused at The Family Foundation School.  Also states allegation that FFS recruits sexual offender students.
- Victim states he was sexually assaulted by other students at the school.
- Police report states that school administrator J Brain told police that the victim "has fabricated the allegations in an (successful) attempt to convince his parents to remove him from the Allynwood Academy"

- 2014 Police Report:
- Police were notified that there was an allegation of abuse and misconduct by Family Foundation School psychologist M VOGEL.
- Police report states that the victim told police on or about 2/20/2014, Vogel acted inappropriately.
- Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy counselor SAMANTHA COLE and Head of School RICHARD REEVE were named as the people over the phone that police spoke with and police said that they said "that the alleged victim, [redacted], had a strong desire to leave the school for a period of time but, after counseling was believed to have improved her outlook..."
- Report states that FFS/Allynwood administration did notify social services.
- Case was closed on 2/24/2014.

- 2005 Police report:
- Police were dispatched to a 911 hang up call at Family Foundation School.
- Police speak to overnight staff member Angelo who states "several youth had been using the phone, so numerous people could have called"
- Police took no further action.  didnt speak to anyone else.

**These reports were obtained from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office by a person investigating the history of the Family Foundation School and forwarded to our campaign.  For transparency, we have published these reports, but cannot account for the wholeness of the FOIL request or fulfillment and are not sure if these reports are the only reports that exist regarding Family Foundation School / Allynwood Academy, as there may be more. 

FFS Truth Campaign would also like to note that our campaign has not published these reports to in any way affect the alleged victims, and we would caution anybody who does know the identity of the victims to keep that information private.

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